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    Summary and report problem (newbie)



      Summary and report problem (newbie)


      I've not created a report before, so please forgive me if I'm asking a silly question.

      Are summary fields fields with no data in, or can you just make a field that already contains data into a summary field? I'm asking because when I want to create a report, I can't pick a summary field because FM says I have no summary field; when I go to the Manage Database - Tables screen and try to change my field I want to summarise that has data in, I get an alert saying all the data I want to summarise will be deleted if I change the type from Number to Summary.

      I know I must be missing something, but I am not sure what, or how to find out?


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          Do you want the data in the field you want to change into a summary field? If so, define a new field as your summary field. If you don't want the data that is currently stored in the field, then you can change it into a summary field--discarding the data now stored in the field.

          Summary fields can be thought of as special calculation fields that add up ( or perform other operations on ) values across all the records in your current found set, or, in certain situations, in a specific, sorted subset of your found set. This should be a separate field from the value being summarized.

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            Aha! Thanks for that. It's easy when you know how! :)