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Summary and sub-summary report question

Question asked by RonaldCarr on Feb 3, 2013
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Summary and sub-summary report question


     I have a table called Contacts and a related table of Addresses.

     A Contact may be any combination of Jobseeker, Employer, Donor etc.: there is a flaf field for each of those statuses containing Yes or No.

     I want a report by City (from Addresses) and a count (of the Yes values) of Jobseekers, Employers, Donors etc.

     I do not want a count of the No values: it would be meaningless.

     Therein seems to lie the problem of a standard Summary, sub--summary structure.

     I have figured out a way to get these figures and put them in a table, by use of scripts with successive Finds: I can then just print the table as if it were a straight list.

     However, I am concerned that I have really chosen the hard way of doing a task that FM should be able to do with built-in tools.

     Any suggestions? (FM 12 Pro)