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Summary by Time Range across Dates

Question asked by AdrianBadger on Jan 27, 2014
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Summary by Time Range across Dates


     I'm trying to figure out how to create a summary of records that occur between 5pm yesterday and 5pm today. My records contain Date, Time and Amount fields like so:

     1/15/2013 13:01:00 $10.00  (exclude)

     1/15/2013 14:44:10 $10.00  (exclude)

     1/15/2013 17:01:00 $10.00  (include)

     1/16/2013 06:12:02 $10.00  (include)

     1/16/2013 09:15:00 $10.00  (include)

     1/16/2013 17:02:00 $10.00  (exclude)

     Only those records indicated should be included in the summary total. I can't figure out how to tell Filemaker to summarize across 24 hours that are not on the same date. Any help would be appreciated. A calculation, relationship, or a summary field would all work for my solution. Thanks.