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Summary By Value List

Question asked by productionQC on Jul 23, 2013
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Summary By Value List


Hello-  I have a small database a friend of mine asked me to build.  He is a home builder and wants to keep track of his actual costs versus the budget he set forth.  My problem is this.  When he enters a new item, say "Spool of Wire" and the price, he then selects the category that it fits under from a dropdown list.  The value list contains all of the categories (Electrical, Flooring, Framing etc.).  I need to list the value items with a summary next to them showing the total of that category and then a grand total at the bottom of all the categories together.  This needs to be done on the dashboard layout so he can quickly glance and see where things are at...  I thought of using a portal, but I am not sure how to group the records as one for each category with a total.  I don't want a list of every item, just the category followed by it's total and I don't want to use the reporting layouts, I want to use a standard layout...  The other problem is that if he adds a new category to the value list, I need it to be added to list on the dashboard... How can I go about this.?


     My database consists of two tables - Renovation and Budget.  There are two additional table occurances for review lists using portals (Reno2 and Budget2).