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Summary Calculation

Question asked by HellaRader on Jul 1, 2013
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Summary Calculation


     I need help creating a summary calculation for sub-groups of records. I know how to do it for the database as a whole.

     I have a field called "Program" and this has a drop down table of six different options. In each record of the database, I can select the corresponding program to designate the location within the building. Each records also contains a field that designates the size of the room (net square footage).

     I would like to create a summary calculation for each Program that reflects the total square footage for each program.


     One Program is "Store". Each record in the database with "Store" as the program, has a square footage field. There are total of 4 records listed under "Store" with 100, 800, 500, and 300 entered as the square footage respectively. I would like to calculate the total sqaure footage for the "Store" program (which would be 1700).

     Any ideas on how to build the formula for this?