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    Summary Calculation



      Summary Calculation


           I need help creating a summary calculation for sub-groups of records. I know how to do it for the database as a whole.

           I have a field called "Program" and this has a drop down table of six different options. In each record of the database, I can select the corresponding program to designate the location within the building. Each records also contains a field that designates the size of the room (net square footage).

           I would like to create a summary calculation for each Program that reflects the total square footage for each program.


           One Program is "Store". Each record in the database with "Store" as the program, has a square footage field. There are total of 4 records listed under "Store" with 100, 800, 500, and 300 entered as the square footage respectively. I would like to calculate the total sqaure footage for the "Store" program (which would be 1700).

           Any ideas on how to build the formula for this? 


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               No formula is needed if you set up a summary report with a sub summary layout part.

               Define a summary field as the total of your size field.

               On a list view layout, use part setup to add a sub summary layout part "when sorted by your program field".

               Put the summary field in this layout part and be sure to sort your records by program and you will get one sub total for each program. You can show all records to get these sub totals for all your records in the table or you can perform a find to see sub totals based on a sub set of all the records in your table.

               If you only want sub totals and not the individual records listed, remove the body layout part from the layout. Note that if your records are not sorted by program and you remove the body layout part, your layout will appear empty until you sort the records.