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Summary calculation help

Question asked by JenStokes on Feb 26, 2015
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Summary calculation help


I am very new to filemaker and I need some assistance summarizing data. 

I am developing a database to be used to check students into the office (kind of like the "take a number" approach at the DMV).

The fields in question are "student ID number", "purpose" and "representative" - the last two are each fields that contain a list of values. 

Basically, I want to count the number of students who come into the office for each representative in the list of values, and for each purpose in the list of values. 

At this point, all I've managed to do is get a total count of the number of students logged into the database using a summary field.

I've tried setting up a field for each Rep, and used the following calculation, which is not working:

If (Rep="Mary" ; Count (StudentID) ; " " )

Any assistance is helpful at this point!