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Summary Comparison of two years of data

Question asked by gremlin9297 on Aug 26, 2014
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Summary Comparison of two years of data


     Hey there,

     Okay here is my dilemma as it were. My goal is create a summary of two years comparing the number of accounts, balance, and price for each investment option. I have to do this for 12 different investment options. 

     Should look something like this

                                                                                               Year 1                                                                    Year 2

     Investment option 1               # of Accounts               Balance Amount $            Share Price $           (Repeat)

     Investment option 2

     Investment option 3

     Side by Side Comparison Summary. I have a table that includes the fields for name of clients, each investment elections is a field (which shoes the amount $ each clients has in each fund). I believe i'll have to create addition table for the investment elections. I'm still new at filemaker so I'm note sure if I have correctly set up the tables for this purpose. I have an addition table for the price of each fund, the fields are that of the name of the fund and the price of the fund.

     I apologize if I'm not clear in explaining what I'm trying to do or how my current database is set up. Still new to this :/


     Thank you for any help!