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Summary Confusion

Question asked by mosa on Jun 4, 2010
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Summary Confusion


Hello all! Im a new user to FIle Maker Pro 11 running on Mac OS X. Im developing a small database to create and track orders. I have an order form table which works perfectly btu im tryng to create and order summary table that would be able to show all the orders  from a customer and thier contents. I have already created a portal that comes up with the order number the total wauntity of the order and th etotal cost but i cant figure out the best way to summarize the items in the order. Also the order summary table is related via the _kp_customer_id field from customers ( a self generaing unique non modifiable serial number) and then a _kf_customer_id in order summary. The portal shows related records from the order form table whcih is related to customers also via _kp_customer id and to products via a join table called line item through _kp_item_number ( product ---< line item) and _kp_order number ( order form ------< line item). Any help would be much appreciated The foreign key for order_summary is populated by a pop up menu containing the customer id number ( but displaying the customer id) from the Customers table.