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Summary Counts in Portals and Totals

Question asked by KarenSpieler on May 31, 2011
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Summary Counts in Portals and Totals


I have a Consultant List Bill which needs to show several aspects of each Consultant's business.

1. Non-Group Memberships: Individual and Family Memberships by Member#
2. Group Memberships: Overall count by Group of Individuals and Family Memberships
3. A total count of all Individual and all Family Memberships for this Consultant

The first set (Non-group Memberships) I have the list working fine no problems.

On #2, I can get the related groups to list, but that's it.  The Members table has a summary field in it, but when I try and add that field to the Group portal I get a count of the Non-Group memberships.

I have included a screenshot of the layout and the relationships.