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    Summary Data



      Summary Data


      I am importing a report of invoices that were processed in the AP accounting system.  I am parsing the report down to real data (that to all that helped with suggestions to make this work).  And it is working very nicely.  After the data is parsed I can create a summary report of the batch number within the data, with the total number of invoices processed per batch and the total dollars per batch.

      What I am wanting to do now is move those information on that summary report to a table in the file.  I have moved detail records from one table to another.  However, not summary.  Do I need to export the summary data to a temp table, and import from there to the final table, or can I append in an export the summary records?

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          An interesting question and one with more than one possible answer.

          It could be that all you need to do is import those batch numbers into a table where a unique values/validate always validation rule prevents importing duplicates.

          Then you just import from the same "details" table or file a second time, but into this table.

          Calculation fields could then be crafted to use aggregate functions to compute summary totals of the related details table.

          Sum ( detailstable::Amount ) would total up the amount table for a given batch # if you have a relationship defined as:

          SummaryTable::Batch# = DetailsTable::Batch#