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    Summary Data



      Summary Data


           I have a member database with 100 records, where each member gets 4 types of clothing (shirt, jacket, etc...), and each clothing has a size (small, medium, etc...) which is particular to that member.

           What is the most efficient way to have an overall count of the total number of each item for each size.

           For example, if there were 15 people that had shirts of size small, 25 people had shirts of size medium, etc...


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               Set up a table related to members with one record for each item of clothing issued to that member. Create a summary report based on this related table. You can use sorting to group the records by type and size and a summary field placed in a sub summary layout part can provide the count for each such group of records.

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                 Thanks...for further clarity, I want the layout something like below, but in the standard report, I am not seeing how to do this.



                 Items |   Small    Large

                 Shirt           15         23          

                 Pants        12         9



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                   What I am suggesting, (You did ask "What is the most efficient way...") would look like this:

                       Small   15
                       Large   23

                       Small    12
                       Large    9

                   Getting this data into two or more columns as shown will be more complex to set up.

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                     Got it and that will work. I see where I was messed up in how I set up the layout.