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Summary Field

Question asked by jd3 on Dec 20, 2010
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Summary Field


Thanks to all who have offerd to help! Still having an issue on what seems to be a very basic and simple fix.


In Browse Mode, I have a Layout which I view in table view of many items that are sold. Each record has the name of the product in one field and the number those products sold in another field. (Simple Excel type of data: column A = item, column B = count of those items sold. I created a summary field to give me a total of all items sold, which returns the correct number. The problem comes when I change the number of a product sold to a different number, the summary does not recalculate my totals. If I go back to the manage database section and tell the field name that it is a summary field, it will then calculate the correct number, but again, if or when I need to change one of the records, the summary does not recalculate....