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    Summary Field



      Summary Field


      Hello and thanks again for helping:

      The summary field is actually the last column in the table. If there is a better way to see totals as in a spreadsheet, I would love to know how to do it....


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          It's easier to follow what you are saying if you find your original post and use "Post a answer" to reply. That way readers can review previous messages on the subject to figure out what was said previously.

          You don't need to return to Manage | Database just to get a summary field to update. Just change the value of the field that the summary field summarizes and commit the change. This can be as simple as clicking a blank area of the layout after editing a field. You can even click in the summary field column.

          See this demo file and let me know if it's design is significantly different in any way:  http://www.4shared.com/file/md2jPETJ/Summary_in_TableView.html