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Summary Field - "List of" usage

Question asked by miw on Dec 2, 2014
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Summary Field - "List of" usage


I have two tables with the following relationship:


Set::__pkSetID = Items::_fkSetID

So many items can be linked to one set.  My goal is to get each of the ItemIDs for a Set identified in one field.

I noticed in the latest version of FM Pro there is a summary field calculation for "List of".  I am thus in the Set table trying to get a Summary calculation for a list of the ItemIDs in a Set.  However, only the current active ItemID shows up.  For example, if my active Set has links to two Items where Item IDs are 1 and 22, I want to see my Summary field showing both 1 and 22.  I have tried to show the summary calculation both summarizing repetitions as "all together" or "individually" but get the same single result.  Am I going about this the wrong way?  How can I get a summary of the ItemIDs that are all linked to an individual Set in one field on the SET table?