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    Summary field acting weird



      Summary field acting weird


      I have a portal with a calculation field (TotalDifference) and a summary field that does a running total on Total Difference.


      Note: The summary field is the $-110 above the 'summarized' field under 'Over/Under'


      As you can see, the problem is the Summary field is only accurate 'sometimes'.  (Don't you just hate inconsistent code?)


      I've been 'off and on' working on what could possibly cause this weirdness.  I have run out of things to try.  (Yes, I tried 'commit record' and 'window refresh'.)

      Your thoughts are appreciated.






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          Total of
          Running total
          Show the cumulative total for the current and all previous records. To restart the running total for each sorted group, also select Restart summary for each sorted group and select the field upon which the sort will be restarted from the field list.

          Summary fields are associated with groups of records. The value in a summary field can change depending on where you place the field on a layout, how many records are in the found set, and whether the records are sorted.

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            By changing the formula in the calculated TotaDifference field I got SumTotalDifference to work properly.  Great.

            My next step was to use the 'newly accurate' SumTotalDifference field in a script.  That apparently is an idea but can't be a practice.

            Notice how SumTotalDifference does NOT show -205 but instead shows Dues::TotalDifference.  What causes this

            'strange' behavior.    How can SumTotalDifference be accurate on the layout but internally show a different value?

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              Sep 4

              Additional information: 

              The layout is based on Members.

              The portal that holds the TotalDifference field is based on Dues

              Members---< Dues

              The protal resides on a Tab labeled Dues.  The SumTotalDifference field is directly above the portal on the Dues Tab.

              Does this help?

              (I haven't gotten any suggestions so I don't feel so bad about being stumped by this one 8-)


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                Don't specify the running total option. Either clear this option or create a new summary field with all the same options except that the running total is not specified.

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                  Last night I decided to see how a previous version handled the SumTotalDifference field.  It turns out Dues::SumTotalDifference needed to be in the 'one' Members::SumTotalDifference.

                  After I moved the field, it worked great.  So, it looks like the Summary field should be in the 'one' and the summarized field should be in the 'many'.  That seems to make sense.. so, lesson learned.