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Summary field and list dependent on date.

Question asked by rickscarborough on Oct 13, 2009
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Summary field and list dependent on date.





We are moving our small business reservation system from paper to a Filemaker 10 Pro database on Mac OSX with input by phone receptionist.


We have a "date of reservation" field and a "number of guests" field.


How can we make a summary field for "number of guests" sum only the records for duplicate dates.  We would like the field to display the total number of

guests for the particular date of the record.


Thanks to suggestions by "Mr_Vodka", we are currently using a script as shortcut to "find" by duplicate date and move to the last record.   The summary field then shows the sum of the results of the find by date.  We would like to figure out a way to do this using calculations and summary fields without changing record sets with a script. 


We are also asking for help to get a layout/report that shows a list of unique dates showing the sum total of number of guests for each date.  We are trying to figure out a script similar to that mentioned with the addition of going to a custom layout showing a list of each unique date with the sum total of number of guests for all records with that date.  We would prefer to do this in one step using a layout.


Thanks for any help