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    Summary field filtering



      Summary field filtering




      I have tried in vain to have summary fields display the right total in a form set to view as table. I have a database that has 3 months of financial data and want the summary fields to display the total based on a search, example; on all records found for the month for March.


      Right now, even though I am succesfully found the records for one month, the summary fields display the total of all the records in the database,


      Any suggestions?







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          Hi Yvan,


          How have you got your summary field setup? If you are simply trying to total a value for a found set then setting up a field to be Summary and selecting the option 'Total of' and specifying the number field you want totaled should work.


          If this is how you have the summary setup then might be worth double checking the number it is totaling.


          I hope this helps.