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Summary field gone bezzerk!

Question asked by MSpsi on Feb 26, 2010
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Summary field gone bezzerk!


I am creating a list layout with sub summary leading and trailing as well as a footer and header.  Header is not relevant.  I am summing my income from each invoice,distinguishing it from any retained funds for future work and summing these by invoice and then overall in the footer.  This works well.  I use retainer total (A Summary Field) to total up the retainer for each invoice.  This field also is in my footer and sums up the amount in retainer over all.  I have done the same for invoice.  Seems to work well.  However, I also need to distinguish how much of the bill has been paid and how much is due so my book keeper can reconcile my funds.  The amount paid is in a related field and needs to remain there.  Thus I made a "Amount paid" calculation field that draws that data in for each invoice.  This field is placed in the trailing sub summary and appears to work well.  This is where it gets screwy.


When I place an Amount Paid summary field in the footer it comes back with a very wonky number.  I double checked and all the records are pulling in the right data and when added by hand make sense but the number is WAY off.  It must be something from drawing the data in.  If I place the Amount Paid Total in the footer as well it only gives me a total based on the record that is active rather than then total of the displayed records as the other fields do.  


If this makes sense, I am totally at a loss in how to address this issue.  I am using FM 10 v 3 (Pro) on a MacBook OS x 6.2.