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Summary Field in Title Header

Question asked by MaxwellRobin on Dec 29, 2014
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Summary Field in Title Header


Hi Guys,

I am creating a layout so I can print packing lists for shipments.

I created a layout that works by performing a find using a field called "Palette ID". Every Record in my database has a "Palette ID" number and then I just perform a find to isolate the shipment I am trying to print.

Each record also has a field called "Weight", which is the weight of each box.

Shipments have multiple boxes in them and therefor I would like to calculate the total weight of the shipment.

I created a summary field "total weight" to count the total of "weight" for each box.

I would like the "total weight" field to produce the total of all the found records.

The "total weight" field is in the Title Header part of my layout. That is where I would like it to be. Is that possible?

The only number showing up in the "total weight" field is the total of a single record, not the total of all the found records.

Thank you