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Summary field not displaying proper value on trailing grand summary

Question asked by AliSheikh on Dec 16, 2014
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Summary field not displaying proper value on trailing grand summary


Hello, I need some help with a summary field not displaying proper value. Attached is an image of the relationships and tables for reference. 


I have a layout displaying records from the " request_ext_line" table. The layout is sorted by the " ext part" field on subsummary. I was trying to display a related total of "qty_cut" field from the 'stock_extrusion_qtycut' tables ( you can see a relationship ive created with global fields to show total values based on dates selected ). I created a field  called sum_q_cut with the formula - sum(stock_extrusion_qtycut 4::qty_cut) on the reqest_ext_line_table and then made a summary field out of it to put in the trailing grand summary part.  The subsummary shows the correct amount from the field sum_q_cut but the summary field of sum_q_cut ( when placed in trailing grand summary) displays a value with a multiplied effect :s. For instance if i have 3 records with the same ext_part number on the reqest_ext_line table , the sum_q_cut is multiplied by 3 in the summary field. I can't find a way to fix this, i just want to be able to display the grand total  of the sum_q_cut subsummary when it is placed in the trailing grand part. 


Any help would be appreciated.