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Summary field not working correctly

Question asked by VictorMartola on Apr 15, 2014
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Summary field not working correctly


     I have an "Corporation" table and an "order" table, and an "product" table

     Corporation is related to Order which is related to product

     Corporation → Order→ Product

     There are several records of Order and even more records in products.
     I have portals that show Orders and Selected order data
     and the same thing for for Products

     And these 4 portals is displayed in a Layout which refers to the (Corporation) table.

     Here's my problem:

     All the products have a cost value which is summorized to count the valueof each record - this works just fine.
     But i want this summary to show upp in my "Order" portal (The order portal that shows all Order records.

     When puting a merge text into this it shows the correct value on ALL (it shows the same value on all rows) portal rows... i tried to make a GetSummary calculation with no further success...

     It seems like i CANT make it so only the related summary value shows in the portal rows.

     (<<order::Title>>            <<order::TotalCost>>)  ← how my portlal field looks like

     Totalcost calculation = (Product::sum_cost)