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    Summary field not working correctly



      Summary field not working correctly


           I have an "Corporation" table and an "order" table, and an "product" table

           Corporation is related to Order which is related to product

           Corporation → Order→ Product

           There are several records of Order and even more records in products.
           I have portals that show Orders and Selected order data
           and the same thing for for Products

           And these 4 portals is displayed in a Layout which refers to the (Corporation) table.

           Here's my problem:

           All the products have a cost value which is summorized to count the valueof each record - this works just fine.
           But i want this summary to show upp in my "Order" portal (The order portal that shows all Order records.

           When puting a merge text into this it shows the correct value on ALL (it shows the same value on all rows) portal rows... i tried to make a GetSummary calculation with no further success...

           It seems like i CANT make it so only the related summary value shows in the portal rows.

           (<<order::Title>>            <<order::TotalCost>>)  ← how my portlal field looks like

           Totalcost calculation = (Product::sum_cost)

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               Seems like there's a table missing from your description unless you only order a single product on any one order record. Or does each record in product represent an ordered item instead of a "catalog" of items to be ordered?

               summary fields evaluate different totals and sub totals depending the context in which they are used.

               Say that you have this relationship:
               Orders::__pkOrderID = Products::_fkOrderID

               If you define a summary field named sProductTotal in Products to compute the total of Products::Cost, then you can place Products::ProductTotal on an Orders layout and it will show the total for all related records in Products linked to the current record on your Orders layout.

               If this is what you have done and you are not getting the expected total, then you need to check the relationship used to link orders to products. (Note: Let me know if you are using a portal filter as this will change the details involved here.)