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    Summary field question



      Summary field question


      In my database i have a field with values "Meal" & "No Meal".  When i view in list view I would like a summary field in the header showing how many meals are required.  What would be the easiest way to do this?  if i just simply have a Summary field counting entries it will count how many records there are with a value in that field but how can i ge it to count only "Meal"

      One option I thought about was the to have the Original field with Meal or No Meal and then a calculated field with a simple Case or If function reading the Meal or No Meal field resulting in a number 1 or 0.  Then the main summary field showing the sum of the counting field.

      Is that the simplst?

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          It depends on how you need to organize your layout. If you sort your records on this field so that "Meal" records form one group and "No Meal" records form the second, You can add a sub summary field "when sorted by" this field and then put your counting summary field in this sub summary part.

          This gives you a sub total for each group of records.