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Summary Field won't Automatically Recalc

Question asked by ABuchtel on Aug 3, 2014
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Summary Field won't Automatically Recalc


     Hello!  I have a portal on a form-view layout, with many other elements. That portal is for the "Events Menus" table which tracks the menu items ordered by a customer (similar to an Invoice). I have a Calculation Field, c_LineTotal, which multiplies the Quantity by the Price. I have a Summary Field, c_MenuTotal, which is the Total of c_LineTotal.

     The c_LineTotal field is within the boundaries of the Portal. The c_MenuTotal field is outside of the portal as a field on the layout.

     On that same form-view layout I also have a "View Menu" button that opens a report showing that specific Menu in a separate list-view layout.

     When I change the Quantity or Price, the c_LineTotal automatically updates, but the c_MenuTotal does not. I have to click the "View Menu" button or close the current layout and reopen it, in order for the  c_MenuTotal field to recalculate.

     Can someone tell me what am I doing incorrectly, or what I might try to get this field to automatically recalculate without those gymnastics? I have attached screenshots of the relevant field information so you can see how they're setup. Thank you!