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Summary field? Or something else?

Question asked by ChrisGold on Aug 13, 2013
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Summary field? Or something else?


     I cannot figure out how to do this, but I feel like it must be possible. I’m very unskilled in Filemaker, so I hope my explanation of what I’m trying to do makes sense.


     800 vendors. Each vendor can sell 50 products. The products can be priced differently at each vendor.


Current Table & Layout:

     I have a table for sales information on each vendor.

     On the Vendor layout in question, the 50 products are listed. Every product the vendor has sold is indicated via a checkbox.

     Fields I have on my layout:

     a) Product [if sold, indicated by checkbox]

     b) $ amount of this product sold by the vender whose record I’m currently viewing

     c) Summary: # of vendors that have sold this product

     d) Summary: Total $ amount of all products sold by all vendors.


     What I want to add:

     e) Total $ amount of this product sold by *all* vendors combined. (This is the same idea as “c” above, just with $ amount sold rather than # sold.)

     Currently, I am able to get this information (“e”) by doing a find on a product. Then the “Total $ Amount” field (“d” above) shows the amount I’m looking for, since it only reflects the found set.

     However, I want to be able to view this information for all of the products at the same time, the same way I can with “c”. Having to do a separate find on each of the 50 products in order to obtain “e” for each one is really time consuming.

     I'm sad to say I've spent hours trying to figure out how to do this and just can't! The summary fields for "c" and "d" were simple -- just "Total of". But I don't know what to do to create "e".

     I hope this makes sense. I would appreciate any guidance or ideas you can offer.