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Question asked by CraigFiore on Dec 4, 2009
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Im really stumped. Ive been working on this issue for two days and no luck.

I've created a LaborLog (keeps track of how long and what job employees are working on) and it works great. From that table, I created a report that summarizes how may total hours each employee has worked at a job. So, I sort by JobID, than EmployeeID, and gives the total hours for each employee.


JobID 100

John 100
Tom 126


This is were i ran in to a problem. I created a portal on my WorkOrder table. The portal is suppose to give the owners a quick glance at who worked at each job and for how long. I was able to get each employees name to only appear once in the portal but when i try to create a summary field for the hours, it gives me the total hours for the Job. It does not break it down by employee.


Any help is appreciated.