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Summary fields (in Portal) based on different filters

Question asked by FredH on Nov 28, 2014
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Summary fields (in Portal) based on different filters


Hi Experts,

I initially have 2 tables : 

  • Project
  • Revenue

with : 
Project ---< Revenue
In my Revenue table, I have a Year field, different Revenue fields and also a field that gives more info on the year (first year, go-live, etc).  For each project, I have 10 records in the Revenue table (1 record/year).
In my Project table I have my project name but also a couple of characteristics for that project (type, etc).

I have created a layout linked to my project table where I show the project details as also the revenue figures.  The revenue "table" is created via multiple portals (one cell/portal) as I needed to have my columns (different revenues) as lines and lines (years) as columns.

What I would now need is to have the exact same table but which is showing me - cross project - the sum per revenue. 
Also, I would need to apply different types of filters using the extra field of both the Project & Revenue Table in order to see specific sums.  I.e. show only projects of type A, only the project years of "go live", etc.
I should also be able to filter not only on specific values but also on the "exclusion" of some values.

In order to have the sums correctly, I figured out that I should create a new table "Global" which has only one record and that all projects could be linked to that record.  I tested this with a summary field and it seems to work.
But how do I set up the filters?  I saw a couple of threads explaining that filtering in search mode does not affect the summary fields of a portal but what is than the best way to work?

Thanks in advance for your input
Kind regards,