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Summary Fields for Status Report

Question asked by michigan07 on Feb 9, 2009


Summary Fields for Status Report


I am working on application that tracks advertisements.  The file contains the following tables; newspaper issue, advertising log, and company.  The advertising log is linked to the company and newspaper issue tables.


The advertising log also contains four "status" type fields; production status which has a value between 1-4, ASR value which has 5 different text values, contract status which has 2 possible values and placement which has multiple text values.


I would like to create a status screen that would display the number of ads and or the $ for each status.  Something like the following:


date Production Status  Number of Ads

Jan-1 1 xx

Jan-1 2 yy

Jan-1 3 zz

Jan-1 4 ww


date  ASR Status Number of Ads

Jan-1 scheduled    aa

Jan-1 confirmed    bb

Jan-1 printed        cc

Jan-1 invoiced      dd


date Placement Number of ADs Dollars

Jan-1       A         xx                 $$

Jan-1       B         xx                 $$


 date contract Status Sum of AD Price

Jan-1     New                      $$

Jan-1     OLD                       $$


I am fairly new to Filemaker and I not sure where to begin.  Whether I can combine in one report or need to make multiple reports.  Ideally this summary/status area would be above the detail advertising log screen.  Any advice would be helpful.

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