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Summary fields in a Portal

Question asked by DougWhitham on Dec 26, 2014
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Summary fields in a Portal


I have a purchase order layout with a Portal showing 'Category' 'Description' 'Quantity Purchased' 'Unit Price' ' Total Price' and 'Units Used' Where I enter line items off the purchase order.
The Description is selected from a 'Conditional List' from the 'Category' field. i.e. Category 'Timber' Description '4x2', '4x4', etc.
I show all this on a report with two sub summaries for 'Category' and 'Description. I have deleted the 'Body' part and in the second sub summary (Description) part I have Summary fields for 'Quantity Purchased' and 'Quantity Used' These perform perfectly showing the correct totals.
I also have an 'In Hand' field in the description sub summary which is a 'Calculation' field 
'SumSummaryPurchased' - 'SumSummaryUsed'
This however shows a Total which encompasses all the categories and descriptions together, albeit a correct figure.

What I am trying to achieve is a quantity in hand for each description.

Any help would be appreciated.

Doug Whitham