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    Summary fields in a Portal



      Summary fields in a Portal


      I have a purchase order layout with a Portal showing 'Category' 'Description' 'Quantity Purchased' 'Unit Price' ' Total Price' and 'Units Used' Where I enter line items off the purchase order.
      The Description is selected from a 'Conditional List' from the 'Category' field. i.e. Category 'Timber' Description '4x2', '4x4', etc.
      I show all this on a report with two sub summaries for 'Category' and 'Description. I have deleted the 'Body' part and in the second sub summary (Description) part I have Summary fields for 'Quantity Purchased' and 'Quantity Used' These perform perfectly showing the correct totals.
      I also have an 'In Hand' field in the description sub summary which is a 'Calculation' field 
      'SumSummaryPurchased' - 'SumSummaryUsed'
      This however shows a Total which encompasses all the categories and descriptions together, albeit a correct figure.

      What I am trying to achieve is a quantity in hand for each description.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Doug Whitham


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          Not sure why you titled this "summary fields in a portal".

          This is a typical use of summary fields in a summary report. When you use summary fields in a calculation field, the summary fields return a value based on the current found set--a type of "grand total" result, not the sub total you see in a sub summary layout part. (Note that if you put these same summary fields in a header, footer or grand summary part instead of a sub summary part, the value returned is a grand total.)

          To get that same sub total shown as seen in the sub summary parts, use the GetSummary function. The "break field" parameter specified in this function should be the same field as that specified as your "when sorted by" field for the sub summary layout part where you see the desired sub total.

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            Thank you Sir. It worked a treat. 

            Doug Whitham