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    Summary fields in portal



      Summary fields in portal


      I am new to using FileMaker. I have a database that has a portal showing a job log. In this job log there needs to be summary fields to track the type of hours worked. I am having trouble figuring out how to make the calculation based on the type (from pull down menu) work. Do I need more fields for each type or can the calc differentiate each type then do the hour summary?

      Below are the fields:

      Parent db - field - employee #

      related db - fields - employee #, hours, type of hours (pull down), summary of hours based on type

      Thank you for your help in advance.

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          How do you want this data presented in your portal?

          You may indeed need calculation fields such as:

          If (type of Hours = "Regular" ; Hours ; "" )

          for each type of hours and then you can define a summary field for each fo these calculation fields so that you can get several columns of total hours in your portal, or you can use them for Grand Totals placed below the portal. (Calculations using Sum(), defined in the Parent table can total these same calculation fields for computing grand totals and will usually update more smoothly than summary fields if you are entering hours directly into this portal.)