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    Summary Fields- Text- Totals?



      Summary Fields- Text- Totals?




      I have a DB in which each client has certain attributes which are assigned as value lists across several fields, i.e "active" or "inactive", "open" or "closed" , "nonengaged" or "engaged". 


      Is there a way to create a summary field that gives a count of all the "open" clients, for example, as well as another summary field that counts all the "active" clients, etc?



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          Thank you for your post.


          Create the following calculation fields:


          Active = If (Attribute = "Active"; 1; 0)

          Inactive = If (Attribute = "Inactive"; 1; 0)

          Open = If (Attrtibute = "Open"; 1; 0)

          Closed = If (Attribute = "Closed"; 1; 0)

          Engaged = If (Attribute = "Engaged"; 1; 0)

          Nonengaged = If (Attribute = "Nonengaged"; 1; 0)


          This checks the Attribute field.  If it equals "Active", then it assigns the value 1 for this record.  Obviously, all other fields evaluate to 0. 


          You do not need to have these fields appear on the layout.


          Now, create your six summary fields:


          Total Active = Total of Active

          Total Inactive = Total of Inactive

          Total Open = Total of Open

          Total Closed = Total of Closed

          Total Engaged = Total of Engaged

          Total Nonegaged = Total of Nonengaged


          You now have six summary fields for each of the Attributes assigned.


          Does that make sense?



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