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Summary for Portal Filtered

Question asked by IT_User on Aug 8, 2013
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Summary for Portal Filtered


     So I have a database where is has companies, and on the one layout has a portal that lists a summary of their invoices.

     I want a summary field for the total amount owed on the invoices,  so I created a calculation field that summarizes this.  However, instead of using relationship filtering, I am using portal filtering.  The filtering works that it shows all unpaid invoices, but then I have a checkbox, that when clicked it shows both the unpaid and paid invoices (so basically all related invoices).

     However, since I am using portal filtering the summary calculation is summarizing all related records.

     Could I possibly create another TO and having a calculation that summarizes on tha relation? or can I just create a new field with a calculation summary without a new TO?  Or perhaps something else, like a restructuring?