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    Summary help



      Summary help


      I am trying to update a database that was originally created in FileMaker5.0 (I know) .

      I need help setting up summaries that sort by a chosen field (1) (this already exists for us) and then subsort the unique values from field 1 by another field.  I am NOT a programmer, developer etc.  I am a clinical lab manager.   And cannot make heads or tails of the manual I purchased.  (the missing manual)  It has demo files that are supposed to be downloaded for tutorials, but when I download these files they are not editable. (maybe a firewall issue?)

      I'm sure what I'm trying to do is pretty straightforward, but I could really use some pointers.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          When you download the files, select 'Save' and put them on your desktop.  Then you have to right click the folder and select 'Extract All'.  Then open that file and you will have full access.

          As far as your original question, I don't quite understand what you are trying to do.  Could you provide some real world examples, some screenshots and/or a copy of the file with a few dummy records?

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            Specifically, can you explain what you mean by:

            subsort the unique values from field 1 by another field.

            I can read that several different ways. Also be advised that how you have set up your tables and relationships can greatly affect what options are available when working with "unique values".

            I can direct you to a tutorial on summary reports that may help: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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              I apologize for my inablility to verbalize what I am trying to do.  my FileMaker speak is poor.

              I am trying to summarize the types of testing that our lab is doing in a month by charge and billing method (print field).

              I added another summary to capture clerical problems that have occured (problem).

              The number field is a count of the Lab Number field (the unique identifier for our samples)

              The file was set up originally in 1995 with maybe Filemaker3.0.   The database is definitely not set up in the easier way possible for FileMaker's current capabilities - but I hope to work on it.

              Right now - if I could clean up this summary I would be happy.  I now have a count of how many of each Charge description we are doing - and it is showing the number of each type of billing (print) for each charge.  It is also showing any clerical issues (problem) by charge.

              I would like for it to also give me a total of all samples that had the value "B" in the print field (not broken down by charge - just a total count)

              The summary ends up having many lines that don't contribute much.  There is a "header" line for each charge that has no info attached - how can I get rid of that?  There are also random other lines that don't have info - like the third line in FLT3.  I'm sure its because of the way I have it set up - but can I make it cleaner - so the summary would be shorter?  



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                To repeat: "be advised that how you have set up your tables and relationships can greatly affect what options are available"

                There's still a lot that I don't know about your tables and the data stored in them.

                Is each row in your posted review an individual record?

                If so, to limit the report so that it is based only on Records with "B" in the middle column, you can perform a find that limits your found set to only records with "B" in that field.

                The summary ends up having many lines that don't contribute much.  There is a "header" line for each charge that has no info attached - how can I get rid of that?

                All of this sounds like topics covered in the tutorial that I recommended. (From FileMaker 3 to today, summary reports haven't chnaged much except that they are now visible in Browse mode where they were not back in the old days.)

                If you have one row of data for each record and you only want one row of data for each group of records, you can remove the body layout part and just keep the sub summary layout part. (But first make sure that you aren't including records that should not be part of your report and that might affect your summary values.) A "header" might be a sub summary layout part that you can remove from the layout.

                You may want to use Duplicate Layout to make a copy of your layout where you can experiment by making changes so that you can try again from the original if you don't get the results that you intended.


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                  yes.  I am aware that the database is not set up in the most efficient way.  I hope to improve it gradually.  I had uploaded a layout pic as well, but it did not get sent (apparently you can only upload one file?).  I did not have a body in the summary, but I did have multiple subsummaries that appear to have been unnecessary.  

                  I have simplified the layout and am ok for now with the output if I can figure out a way to get a total for all the "B" entries for the Print field. 

                  The found set is already specific - there are no records with out an entry in any of the fields being sorted or counted.  

                  I am not sure what type of field or subsummary will give me a count of the number of records with a "B" entry without breaking it down my charge description. I tried adding an additional subsummary with only the Print field as I would not mind if it gave me a count of each unique entry in that field - but when I create a subsummary sorted by Print and do not add the charge description field to that subsummary it still gives me a breakdown by charge description and not the whole found set.  


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                    I haven't suggested that your design is or is not efficient. I've just tried to caution that I don't know the design and thus my suggestions may or may not work for the design that you actually have.

                    Do you want a total just based on records with "B" in that field is the count of records with that value in that field a part of a larger report of other values?

                    Are you able to group your records by the value of B in that field or does that interfere with the grouping needed for other sub summary total based groups?

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                      PhilModJunk - no worries.  I am done with the script for now.  I have learned a lot from this forum over the last couple of days.  I have never used Constrain Found Set before.  It did the job.  (that and using multiple windows).

                      our database is the collective demographics, quality control and results of 26 years of Molecular Diagnostics.  There is so much I hope to do with our databases when I have the time.

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                        You may find these two files of interest as a source of ideas for improving the design of your database:

                        Adventures in FileMaking #1--Conditional Value Lists (8 different variations demonstrated)
                        Adventures in FileMaking #2--Enhanced Value Selection (what to do when a value list just doesn't cut it.)