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Question asked by d.justins on Nov 5, 2009
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Summary Issues




I'm new to filemaker. 


I have a database of students attending different activites. In order to maintain their attendence and their time spent in the activites, i have set up a table that adds a new record for each activity attendence instance. The record keeps their student id, the activity id, and the start, stop and total time spent at the activity. This table is related to a student table and activity table respectfully. Basically, what i'm trying to figure out how to do is to determine how much time; 1. the student spends in overall in activities, 2. the student spends at each activity. I've tried using sub-summary parts with summaries, but that doesn't give me workable data, just a report. I'm not sure if this could better be done with scripting or what. 


Thanks in advance.