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Summary list of related values

Question asked by PaulSmith on Oct 18, 2011
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Summary list of related values


Hi there,

A curly one...

Customers   attend



I need to export a list of badges showing

Customer name,  sessions summary

Where session summary is a comma delimited list of session codes that customer is attending


Alex David, CF2D

Peter Jones, WK1, CF2D, WKB, GD

Susan Amis, WKB, GD


Should I try to achieve this using a calculation field on the person record to summarise their events or is this database performance hell? If so is there a standard function I should use, or do I need to create a script?


Is there a way that I can make a report print left to right, or should I create a script? Similarly can someone give a general clue as to how I go about looping through related records in a script?

Many thanks