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    Summary list of related values



      Summary list of related values


      Hi there,

      A curly one...

      Customers   attend



      I need to export a list of badges showing

      Customer name,  sessions summary

      Where session summary is a comma delimited list of session codes that customer is attending


      Alex David, CF2D

      Peter Jones, WK1, CF2D, WKB, GD

      Susan Amis, WKB, GD


      Should I try to achieve this using a calculation field on the person record to summarise their events or is this database performance hell? If so is there a standard function I should use, or do I need to create a script?


      Is there a way that I can make a report print left to right, or should I create a script? Similarly can someone give a general clue as to how I go about looping through related records in a script?

      Many thanks






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          And what is the relationship you have defined between Customer and Sessions?

          It seems you would need three tables with a "join" table that connects a given Customer record to a specific session record, unless your sessions table is the join table and there's a "classes" or "subjects" table that you didn't tell us about?

          With the right relationship, this calculation can produce the comma delimitted list you want and it would indeed be defined in the Customer table:

          Substitute ( List ( Sessions::SessionName ) ; ¶ ; ", " )

          But it won't work without the correct relationship.