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Summary of a Summary field

Question asked by philmcgeehan on Mar 6, 2014
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Summary of a Summary field



     I have a report layout that totals up the number of different types of estimates done by different Staff in a given period.

     The report is based on my Staff table

     It is sorted by the Staff ID.

     Each row has a portal to the Estimates table.

     In the Estimates table I have a EstimateType field and a Calculation field for each type,
     i.e. c_Count_BoQ  =  If (EstimateType = "Bill of Quantities" ; 1 )

     Then a Summary field which is the Total of c_Count_BoQ which counts up the number of BoQs that each Estimator has done.

     What I'd like now is to be able to total up the Summary fields. But I'm unable to select a summary field in the summary field options.
     Is there another way of achieving what I need?

What I've circled in Red is what I want! I drew this in using MS Paint for illustration only!