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    Summary of Data



      Summary of Data


      Hi All,

      I am new to FM Pro and currently using 9.


      I have what I hope is a simple question that has a simple answer.  I have a table that has fiel called Payment_types. It is a drop down list that has Check and Cash in the values.


      I am trying to create a summary page that counts how many records has the word cash in that field and how many that has the word check in the field.



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          You can use a "count of" summary field in a summary report for this.


          Set your summary field to count  a field that is never empty.


          In your summary report, change the body part to a subsummary when "sorted by" Payment_Types.


          Place your new counting summary field in this layout part.

          Select view as list, sort your records by Payment_Types and enter preview mode. (Grouped summary reports aren't visible in versions 9 and older until you preview and/or print the report.)

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            Thanks Phil.... Worked perfect.


            Mike G