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    summary of employees' pay over date range



      summary of employees' pay over date range



           I am trying to get the total pay for selected employees over a specific date range.  

           I currently create a new record for each employee at pay day and in this record is input the dates, hours, and pay.  

           Specifically, then, how do I select several employees for this find.  I understand how to do a simple find of one employee over a date range but not a selection of employees.  What am I missing?

           Also...I prefer to just have a layout that I can click to input the date range I want and then select all, or some employees, and then see the grand total pay for the selected.  

           Thanks in advance for your help!


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               Use global fields for enterins selecting criteria, then have a script enter find mode and use the data in the global fields to construct the needed find requests and enter criteria into the appropriate fields.

               This can include having the script loop through a list of employee ID's or Names and enter each such value into a different request where you also have specified the date range.

               Nearly all of what you describe is illustrated in examples posted in this thread. Pay close attention to the looping script example near the end of the thread as that is a method that can be used to work from a list of employess. (This assumes that you dont' have your employees in categories where you just need to find "all hourly employees" or "all day shift employees"--which would make for a simpler script.)

          Scripted Find Examples