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Summary of fields in different table?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Sep 20, 2012
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Summary of fields in different table?


     This seems pretty basic, bu I am missing something.  I am having some trouble getting a summary of some values after I move them to a different table.  (We are trying to narrow down one table that has grown to 700+ fields.)  This new table is a 1-to-1 relationship:  A::PK = B::A_FK.

     When I put the summary fields in the new table, that only gets me the values for that one record, of course.  But even putting them back in the original table, I seem to only be getting the value from one specific record (doesn't appear to be the first record, necessarily, though). 

     So I have a layout where I have a found set from A (say 10 records), and the layout is showing some values from table B for each of those records.  Simple enough.  But I would like to get a summary of those B values on this layout (which is based on table A). 

     Such as:

     A1     B3     B4     B5    

     A2     B3     B4     B5

     A3     B3     B4     B5

     sum  (B3)  (B4)  (B5)

     Do I have to copy the B values back into A to get this to work?


     - J