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    Summary on a summary



      Summary on a summary


      I have a database that has statistics for players in a league for each game played.  I have a summary field that calculates the number of games that a player has played by counting the number of entries for each name and this is displayed on a player info layout.

      What i am trying to do is a report that generates the number of games that are played by players from each year of birth. ie 1992 =34, 1993 = 48 etc

      The report script sorts by club and year of birth ok however the games played is not accurately being generated.The number that is being shown is just the number for the FIRST record found for each year or birth.

      How can i get it to calculate the total number of games by age group.



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          Your summary field needs to be in a sub-summary section (the one for year of birth).

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            Thanks Sorbsbuster for your response.

            I have the field ins the subsummary section which is why i am a bit confused as to why it is not working

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              You get the data from the first record in a set if you put a non-summary field into the sub-summary line.  For example, if you sort by Team and you put the field 'Team' into the sub-summary you will see the team name.  But if you put the PlayerName field in there you will see the name of the first player (although depends if you have a leading or traling summary).  Are you sure it is the summary (count) field that you have used?  And it is defined as a Summary?

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                Thanks - I have redone the calculation and it now sems to be working.  I think that it was becuase i had it is a running count rather that restarting after each individual.


                All good now - thanks for you help