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Summary or Calculation for Three Fields by Date

Question asked by VanessaAnne on Apr 4, 2012
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Summary or Calculation for Three Fields by Date



I have three fields that I am trying to get a total count of for a certain date.  Basically, everyday I submit a report listing that day's total of three fields.   The total comes from the amount of records that are entered for each field.  Right now, it seems to be counting every date that is entered, instead of the current date.  



FEILD A  (lets say it has 2 records)

FIELD B  (lets say it has 4 records)

FIELD C  (lets say it has 1 record) 

So the total for that day would be 7.  It could also work if I search for the date, and the total for that date is the result.  

Hopefully this makes sense.  There are no related tables involved, it is just one.  

Thank you!