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    Summary or Sum of Parts Quantity



      Summary or Sum of Parts Quantity


      I'm tring to sum (add up) all the occurrences of a item in table "A", in my inventory database.  The inventory table track the quantities of parts
      and has a relationship with the parts table that has all of the different parts.  These parts are stored at
      different locations so I need a report that will tell me how many of said part I have.


      This is a demo project to see if we what to move from MS Access to Filemaker so if you would like to see the database let me and I will email it.  I don't see away to attach it in this forum.


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          You can use a summary field for this purpose. This is a specific type of field and there are multiple options for how it works. Furthermore, the value displayed in this field depends on your layout's design and also in how you've sorted it. That's due to how this type of field is used in a Summary Report.


          Here's a link to a simple tutorial on setting up summary reports that you may find useful:

          Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial


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            That was a good drill, but I couldn't get the princples to work with my database. Here is my database structure hopfully you can see where I'm going wrong, I need a report of the total number of parts I have, per part.  I have tried summarizing from the parts & inventory tables.


            Tables and their fields


            -id-host (number, auto enter)

            -host (text)



            -id-inventory (number, auto enter)

            -site (text)

            -host (text)

            -part number (text)

            -quantity (number)




            -id-parts (number, auto enter)

            -nomenclature (text)

            -part number (text)

            -family (text)



            -id-product family number, auto enter




            -id-sites number, auto enter






            inventory:part number::parts:part number

            parts:family::productfamliy:id-product family

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              Can you mock up an outline of what you want your summary report to look like? Looking at your tables, I'm not sure what field(s) you want to summarize.


              Does inventory show one record for each part or will it be used to log changes in inventory (one record each time a part or group of parts is added/removed) ?


              Another issue, I'd change your field types so that both key fields in each of your relationships are the same data type (number) just to be a bit safer.

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                I finally got it.


                Thanks for your help.


                Is there anything I'm supposed to do to close this.

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                    Thank you for your posts.


                    I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - just below the blue bar - X Messages).



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