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    Summary Report



      Summary Report


      How do I get a summary report to display one "record or transaction at a time? See how it lists 2 different policy numbers? How do I get it to just display one at a time? I checked a page break after every 1 occurrence but that didn't work. 


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               Do you want only one to show on each page or only one policy to show at all?

               The page break settings will work when you preview, print or save as PDF but not in Browse mode as shown in your screen shot.

               You might perform a find or Go to Related Records to limit your records in your found set to just those for the desired policy.

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                 Thanks for explaining the page break! I just want the one policy to show that I'm working on on another layout. I push a button and have this come up but only want to see the one policy. 

                 What is the benefit or difference between a find or Go to Related Records? What would that script look like?


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                   Much depends on the design details of your particular database file.

                   A scripted find might take the form shown in these examples: Scripted Find Examples

                   Go To Related Records can be used if there is a relationship between the table specified for the first layout that links to records in the layout shown such that it matches only to the record or records you want to see in your summary report.

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                     I'm still stumped. I want to click on the Audit Summary button on the Audit Profiles page and have the Audit Summary Report on the right come up but only display the one audit. In this case just Policy No. 1234 not the 9090 also. 


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                       To answer your question in detail, I'd need to know more about the design of your database.

                       Are these two layouts in the same file or different files?

                       They appear to be layouts based on different table occurrences. Is there a relationship linking the one layouts table occurrence to the other? If so, what match fields and relationship operator did you use?

                       Those details will probably show a way to use Go To Related Records (GTRR) to pull up the records that you want on the Audit Summary layout as it appears that your summary report layout is based on the same table as the portal shown in the audit profile layout.

                       A scripted find can also work here, but the GTRR approach does it all in one step and I need much the same info to show how to do it with a scripted find.

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                         It's the same file, different tables based with the relationship based on Policy No. The "Policy Profiles" table is the parent and AP_Payroll Audit is the child. 

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                           If you use Go to Related records, don't change layouts first. The current record of you audit profiles layout is what determines what records are pulled up for your summary report on the report layout.

                           If [ Policy Profiles::Coverage = "WC" ]
                              Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: AP_Payroll Audit; Using layout: "AP_Summary WC" (AP_Payroll Audit) ]
                              Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: AP_Payroll Audit; Using layout: "AP_Summary GL" (AP_Payroll Audit) ]
                           End If

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                             That makes since... I just can't pull it off. What am I doing wrong? 

                             PS... I REALLY appreciate your patience. 

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                               The script looks correct from here. Are you sure that this is the script performed when you click the button?

                               If so, do you get any error message when you run this script?

                               Can you upload a screen shot from Manage | Database | Relationship to show the relationship between these two table occurrences?

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                                 I don't get any error messages...

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                                   The absence of error messages suggests that the GTRR is working as designed, but producing unexpected results.

                                   Is the portal on your Audit Profiles layout a filtered portal? (This is a setting in Portal Setup...)

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                                     It is filter: AP_Payroll Audit::__fkPolicyNo = Policy Profiles::Policy No.

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                                       That's a weird set up. Since your relationship already matches the Policy Profiles::Policy No. field to the AP_Payroll Audit::__fkPolicyNo fields, you should not also need a portal filter that matches the same values.

                                       What do you see in this portal if you remove the portal filter? (Portal filters control what is shown in the portal but GTRR will match to the same records as you'd see in an Unfiltered portal to the same table occurrence.)

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                                         Funny because when you asked me that I went and checked and it's fine without the filter yet it didn't solve the summary report showing all records instead of just the one I'm on. I'm stumped. It wouldn't matter where the button is because it's controlled by the script, right? 

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