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    summary report issue



      summary report issue


      I wish to make a summary report (like pivot table in excel) to load subtotal of each cateogy (without body). As such, I follow the manual to add sub-summary part in layout (and sorted by category). Somehow, the subtotal (a summary field) field always shows total of all the data. Anything wrong? Anyother easy way to make a summary report like pivot table in excel?

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          Pivot tables usually get set up like a "cross tab" report where you have multiple columns and rows of data with subtotals located at the intersections of these rows and columns. If that's what you want, a simple summary report with sub summary parts won't produce that result.

          If you want a report like this:

                Ceres           25
                San Jose      30
                Sacremento 45

          CA total: 100

                Las Vegas    23
                Carson City  12

          Nv Total:  35

          Grand Total:   135

          That can be done  with a summary report and what you describe is the correct approach, just make sure you have corrrectly sorted your records or the sub summary report parts will not be visible.