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    Summary report problem



      Summary report problem


      Without giving too many details that may be extraneous. I have a db that tracks student applications to schools. I want a report that lists each school followed by all the students applying to that school. Basically, I want a report that lists all the records in my "applications" table and groups them by school. I can do this, but the report only lists the first student record for each school (though there are other students applying). For example, imagine that there are 10 students applying each to Harvard and Yale. The report currently returns:



        John Smith



        Jim Jones


      The other 9 students applying to both schools are missing. Any thoughts? (I have the same problem when I want a similar report except grouped by students to give me a list of all the schools each student is applying to). 

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          Several things to check:


          What layout parts have you created and how are you sorting the records?


          You should have:


          --SubSummary when sorted by School--

          School Field


          Student Name Field


          Your records should be sorted by the school field (You can specify the student name field as the second field in the sort order to alphabetize them.)


          If you have all that and still don't see a change:


          Any chance your student name field is a pixel or two too high? If even one pixel of the name field crosses the line into the subsummary part, it'll be treated as part of the subsummary and this may keep the subsequent student names from appearing. If you think this is possible, enter layout mode, click the field and use the down arrow key to "nudge" the field down a pixel or two and see if that fixes the issue.

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               Thank you, PhilModJunk. This was helpful.