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Summary report trouble

Question asked by Melinda on Jul 19, 2010
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Summary report trouble


I am using FM Pro 9 over a shared network, Mac OS X, still consider myself a beginner, though I have been working with FM for over 2 years... 

I am trying to generate a summary report, which seems like it should be a farily smple endeavor... but I am stumped! 

Our employees complete an .xls record of their hours worked, personal days taken, etc., which dumps beautifully into FM.  I have generated a number of reports using the data without any trouble. 

I have been asked to create a report that summarizes personal leave earned and taken for each employee.  Each Employee Name should head a column, and each month should be represented in two rows, leave earned and leave taken, followed by the cumulative balance of leave for each employee...  here is a sample of what I am trying to do...

                           Jane Smith    John Cash

September Earned      2                2

September Taken        0                1

October Earned           2                2

October Taken             0                1

Balance                      4                2

The problem is NOT with exporting data into such a report, it is getting it to drop into a layout...  The trouble I am having is generating a calculation that will get the months leave "taken" to drop into the field.

Our employees daily activity is recorded by date, M/D/YYYY, and personal leave can be taken in .5 day increments, and they record it with a "P" in two of three activity fields (AM Activity and PM Activity).  AND, each day of the month is entered in FM as it's own record...  I normally generate reports from the list layout, but I don't want to see every record for each employee,  I just want all employees included once in one report.

I am sure you'll have questions before you can help me, so please ask and I will clarify...  It doesn't seem like this should be that hard!  :)

Thanks in advance for any help!!