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Summary Report using repeating field data

Question asked by MaryAnn on Aug 5, 2010
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Summary Report using repeating field data


I am trying to create a report that will show the purchase order number, name of the company the parts were purchased from, description of the part, and the purchase cost.  I have repeating fields for the purchase code, description and purchase cost.  There could be several items purchased at one time. For each purchase record I have a subtotal that totals the purchase cost for all items purchased against the purchase order on a given day.  So far, so good.  My purchase order summary will list dates of purchase, discription and subtotals.  My problem is, I can't seem to get a total of all subtotals to show how much has been spent with a specific vendor over a period of time.  The balance on my report is correct for some vendors, but not others.  For one vendor the amount on the second line of the repeating field ($7.24) was added into the total on the purchase order summary twice.  It is included in the subtotal for that purchase, but the total of the purchase order summary is $7.24 more than the actual total of the purchase. 

I would really appreciate some guidance.