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    Summary reports



      Summary reports


      I am trying to show the following data from one table in a summary report:


      Grade (this is generated by a calculation, result is A, B, C, D, E)

      sGradesCount (summary field - count of grade, summarise repetitions together)

      The report should show how many grades were given in each year ie Yr 10 - A =4, B=6 etc but when i run the script created by the wizard i have the year, the grade field is displayed but only showing one grade if at all and the count is a total count for that year group.  This information is in a subsummary when sorted by Year.


      Any help greatly appreciated

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          Set up your layout like this:

          ---Sub summary when sorted by year -----
          Year field

          ----Sub summary when sorted by Grade------

          Grade field, sGradeCount field here

          Note that the body layout part does not exist. You can remove it from your layout by clicking the layout part label and pressing the delete key.

          Now enter browse mode and sort your records first by year, then by Grade to get both sub summary parts to appear

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            perfect - thankyou