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summary reports...

Question asked by symbister on Aug 1, 2010
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summary reports...



I’m putting together an Inventory / Sales Order database, allowing operators to enter sales of various magazines on a sales entry, with the product_name and product_qty fields as repeating fields with up to six lines on a sales order.

What I'm trying to do is create a report that summarises all the sales of each magazine for any particular day. For example:


Transaction 1: Magazine A - 2 copies sold, Mag B - 3 copies sold, Mag C - 2 copies sold

Transaction 2: Mag B - 2 copies sold, Mag C - 3 copies sold, Mag D - 1 copy

then report should show:


Mag A : 2

Mag B : 5

Mag C : 5

Mag D : 1

Total : 13

suggestions welcome, thanks