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    Summary Script



      Summary Script


      I am using FMP 9.

      I am running a file that lists historical events by Month and Day (distantly similar to "This Day in History").  At the end of the report, it lists the number of events for that date (month - day).

      In order to analyze the report to see which dates need work (i.e., which dates have more events than others), I have to run the report 366 times.  

      Is it possible to write a script that produces a report in one action?

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          You can create a self join relationship date = date, create a summary field and set it to be the count of primary keys. Finally a subsummary part when records are being sorted by date and put the summary field(from the self join related table) on the sub subsummary part.

          The total number of events will then be shown before or after (depends on how you set the sub summary part) each date. If this is not what you want, please let us know how you would like the data to be displayed in the report.

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            Of course it's possible. Do your events have actual dates, or just month and day?