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    Summary view



      Summary view


      Trying to figuire this out and im stuck. I have a form lets say with emplolyee info. Ok so its filled out i want a screen were i can see a summary view of the data we just entered were i can print it. How do i create a print view of things. I want a print view of invlices po's, employess, time sheets. Their a way?

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          That's an pretty vague description of what you want.

          You an print any filemaker layout you design. You can design any number of different layouts for the same table--customizing each for a different purpose so one often has a layout for data-entry and a different layout for printing. Often a button is placed on a data-entry layout which switches to the print layout, prints the record and then switches back.

          You can also create a summary report that organizes data into groups with subheads and subtotals:  Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial